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We bring together creative individuals to inspire humanity, to sustain humanity and end child poverty

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End Child Poverty Coalition

Together, with over 100 organisations, we believe that no child growing up should live in poverty

Collectively, we ask current and future governments commit to end child poverty

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It’s 2024, child poverty has remained alarmingly high over the last decade

  • Worldwide, an estimated 333 million children live in extreme poverty
  • Children are more likely to live in poverty than adults. They’re also more vulnerable to it’s effects
  • There are 4.2 million children currently living in poverty in the UK. That’s 29% of all UK children Or, nine in a classroom of 30! The end to the additional support made available during the pandemic has driven up the number of children experiencing poverty
  • More than one in four children grows up in poverty in the UK
  • This figure is rising
  • The fallout from the pandemic and the growing cost-of-living crisis has cut thousands of families adrift. Soaring bills, rising food prices and increased economic pressure are pushing too many over the edge, limiting the life chances of millions of children and young people

Kindness is the best form of humanity

It doesn’t have to be like this, child poverty isn’t inevitable. We all can make a difference.

Child poverty can be reduced or even eradicated through continued attention and action. Our mission at Cradle Creative CIC and our Cradle Initiative is to draw on our experience, expertise and our friends in the creative industries to raise awareness and inspire our community to help and sustain our community, our children

Together, we believe that we can build a future where every child in the UK has a safe and happy childhood, one where they can thrive and achieve their potential. In order to do this, we all must work together and push for change for children and young people and reduce the millions across the UK that are living in poverty– an entirely unacceptable statistic. United in our vision of a UK free of child poverty the Coalition aims to make child poverty a thing of the past and we are extremely proud to be a part of this amazing alliance of organisations, helping to release the grip that poverty holds over so many lives, and that damages countless futures

During the Covid 19 pandemic, the government increased social welfare payments for those on Universal Credit by £20 per week. This strengthened the safety net that should be there to catch us all, when it was most needed. As a result, it lifted around 400,000 families out of poverty. Sadly, the government has not maintained this benefits uplift – and as the everyday cost of living increases, we have a new threat that will affect everyone in the UK

All of the organisations in the Coalition stand up for children in poverty every day, we ask no less of the government. We set out some very practical recommendations that can be taken forwards by governments across the UK to reduce levels of child poverty. This includes a recommendation for a roadmap which would see cross-departmental working across government to put in place targets and measures for ending child poverty. We need a cross-party plan to tackle this issue and keep its focus in the longer term. We urge representatives in governments across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland to work with us to implement these measures to ensure that the scandal of children living in poverty in the UK is one that is brought to an end

Aspire to inspire

What we stand for

  • Every child should grow up with access to enough money to achieve a decent standard of living
  • Every child should live in a decent, secure, affordable and warm home
  • Every child should be able to thrive, learn and develop, regardless of their family income
  • Every child should grow up free from the threat of poverty
  • View our joint position statement

Take action

Our decision makers have the power to change children’s lives. We are calling on the Government to commit to eradicating child poverty in the UK - email your MP and ask them to take action for the 4.2 million children living in poverty across the UK. It's made easy for you by clicking to the MP finder and email template

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If you would like to get in touch or help with one of our fund-raising strategies, please reach out to us by emailing or click on the envelope icon


Further to the Cradle Initiative and our fund-raising strategies, if you would like to donate directly to help end child poverty, it’s easy and quick to do so using any debit or credit card; please click on our Donate icon to donate any amount you can manage - 100% of all donations go directly to help children living in poverty. It is safe and secure and via our Paypal Verified account, thank you for your support.

Life's aspirations come in the guise of children

The Cradle Initiative stands for

  • Every child should have the chance to play, free from the adverse effects of poverty
  • Every child should have the chance to achieve their full aspirations

The Cradle Initiative

Being human is given,

But keeping our humanity is a choice